Sai Ghose’s music has been described as “passionate, intense and moving.” He is a rare breed among musicians, being able to walk in many worlds as a drummer, pianist and composer, but still be able to retain the highest level of creativity. His far reaching musical personality can be heard live or on the many recordings he has worked on.

Sai’s roots are unique and play a huge factor in his ability to seamlessly move from one world to the next. Born of an East Indian father and a New England mother, he learned early on that the world is complex, yet deeply beautiful. And although the sounds of classical Indian music and rock n’ roll could be heard on weekend mornings blaring through the house, the most important message he got from both of his parents was to find what he loved and learn as much about it as he could.

Sai discovered his love for music by age 6 and was heavily into the classic rock groups of the late 60’s. Soon he expanded into the world of funk and fusion, and began listening to anything else he could get his hands on.

He began his musical studies at age nine and played in funk and jazz groups all throughout high school. Sai then headed to Indiana University with plans to study percussion, but that is where his musical career took an unexpected turn. Instead of applying to the music school, he fell in love with jazz piano, inspired by the custodian at his dormitory, who played the piano in the lobby every morning after his shift. Thus began twenty years of intense inquiry and practice.

Sai has studied with some of the greatest players in the world and has been influenced by the great masters of the past and present. However, in this process, Sai has learned when to shut out the world and look inward. He believes strongly that the creative process should be, to find out what you want to say, and then learn how to say it. That process has been a lifelong pursuit for Sai, and is ever evolving.